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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

ACS Cobham has a lot of support staff for mild special needs but I wouldn’t say this is a good post for a child with a need that requires a lot of support. - Jan 2024

I think it depends on the school - Aug 2022

ASL seems to make almost no accommodations for special-needs but other schools, such as ACS and Abercorn, are more flexible. - May 2022

If you look at a state school's admissions criteria, children with special needs who have chosen that school, are always admitted first. Only after that, do they admit siblings, people who live close to the school, etc. There are also schools designed especially for children with special needs. If you have any questions about schooling, I would read the school websites, and visit the forums at Mumsnet. As for the international schools, I couldn't speak to their policies and services. - Jun 2017

Some of the local schools can accommodate children with mild to moderate special needs, but parents should research options carefully before coming here. - Feb 2016

My son has special needs and ACS did all the evaluations for him and then set up the help he needed. I have been highly impressed with how they handled the situation and how quickly they adjusted things for him. I've heard ASL isn't as accommodating. - Jan 2012

Limited. ASL says they accommodate, but I know of at least 3 families who ended up pulling their children from ASL who needed more support/nurturing than ASL was able to provide. - Aug 2011

ASL make accommodations. - Sep 2008

Special needs kids are not as well accommodated as they are in the USA, but it's getting better. - Feb 2008

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