London - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Foxes can be a pain when they get into your garbage and tiny little spiders during summer months but nothing too crazy. - Jan 2024

None. - Nov 2022

no - Aug 2022

No, very little bugs/wildlife where we are. - May 2022

There really aren't many insects here, in fact, the windows don't tend to have screens! We've had some ants and flies, but that's about it. Slugs can be annoying, but don't tend to get into the house. - Jun 2017

None that I'm aware of. - Feb 2017

None - Feb 2016

None. But I keep my apartment very clean, so I don't really deal with bugs. - Nov 2015

None - Aug 2015

None. We saw maybe one or two spiders in our home, but that's about it. - Jun 2015

A few gnats, ladybirds and house spiders. We leave our windows open a lot. - Jun 2015

Lots of flowers around bring lots of bees. The are snails on the sidewalks that can cause health issues for dogs if eaten. - May 2015

No insect problems. - Aug 2014

None. Insects were not really a problem at all for me in central London. - Sep 2012

None really. We've had the odd spider and sometimes bees will fly in during the summer, but nothing bad! - Jan 2012

None in the city that I'm aware of. - Aug 2011

None, though on the odd weeks it gets hot in summer, and if you open your windows you'll get a few mosquitoes and a bunch of gnats inside. - Nov 2009

Slugs in the gardens. - Mar 2009

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