London - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Beautiful summers, maybe a week of hot temps. Request an AC as soon as you get here. - Jan 2024

It rained less than I expected, but the weather was never really too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. I loved it. - Nov 2022

Aside from the heat waves, I love the weather here. - Aug 2022

Great climate (vice the midwest)! Cool winters and mild summers with drizzles throughout. We feel like the stereo type of the rainy London is totally overblown and have enjoyed London's weather. - May 2022

Quite temperate. It never seems extremely cold to me, but I suppose it's all relative. We had some hot days this summer (low 90s), and that was challenging, especially because AC is less common, and we spend more time walking to get places. - Jun 2017

Winters are mild (40 degrees), summer will have a couple of weeks of 80 degree days spread over a few months, fall and spring are unpredictable and can be rainy or beautiful. It never torrentially pours and I've heard thunder twice in 18 months. Despite what it seems like in the movies, it never snows here. - Feb 2017

Nice summers, pleasant spring and fall, mild winter. - Feb 2016

The first month and a half I was here (September-beginning of November) was AMAZING. Sunny, not too warm or cold, and everyone was hanging out in the parks and eating at outdoor cafes. Now it's cloudy and drizzly nearly every day. I don't mind it, since this is London weather, but I miss when it was nice out! - Nov 2015

London has a reputation for rain and, while it does rain often, it doesn't rain hard. I think I heard thunder 4 times in my tour. Most of the time, the rain is so light it's not even worth an umbrella. Honestly, my biggest climate issue was how dark it was during the winter. For 4 months out of the year, it was dark when I arrived at the Embassy in the morning, and dark when I left the Embassy after work. The summers are short, but glorious - Aug 2015

Ok, the weather is less than ideal. It didn't rain as much as I expected, but it was generally in temperature, including during "summer." If you like tropical weather and sunshine, this may not be the best place for you. But then, it's it might (read: is!) still be worth it. - Jun 2015

Moderate. We've had allergies all year round. It didn't snow at all the first year we were here, and barely snowed the last year. Highest temp was 80F. - Jun 2015

Since we've been here, it doesn't rain nearly as much as expected. When it does rain it seems to either rain for a few days or pass very quickly. The summers are beautiful and mild 70s to low 80s F. The winters are mild, but the days are short and dark. It can be a bit depressing to deal with darkness at 3pm for long periods of time. - May 2015

The weather is rainy mostly. Bring wellies (rainboots) & a brawley (umbrella). We had one really bad winter and one mild winter. The summer was good both years but it never got really hot. - Aug 2014

Cloudy. The weather did really get me down sometimes. - Sep 2012

It doesn't rain here as much as everyone thinks. And when it rains, it's not for long periods of time. The winters aren't fun, but it's mainly because of the constant grey clouds. When it snows here, which isn't often or a lot, the entire city shuts down. My kids have actually had snow days for 2 inches of snow on the ground. Summers are incredible!You keep your windows open (because most houses don't have A/C) and it's perfect! During the spring you need to walk around the city and admire all the flowers. It's so beautiful!! - Jan 2012

It is grey much of the winter, which is tough. You'll get to know the meaning of 'sun break'. Summers are usually nice. The plus side is not too much snow or ice, but it rains a lot and you walk everywhere, so bring wellies! - Aug 2011

Not as bad as you've probably heard! It was a relatively dry year when I was there, so I found it to be very pleasant. It's usually a bit above freezing in the winters, and dark from about 4pm to 8am. It warms up very gradually through Spring, with usually a week or two of absolutely beautiful sunny weather in May. June and July are warm, but usually rainy. Autumn is very nice, until it starts getting dark again. - Nov 2009

Typical 'British' weather, rainy and overcast quite a lot of the time, but there are nice sunny spells in the Spring and Fall. Winter it rarely gets cold enough to snow. - Mar 2009

Rain and cool most of the year. In the winter there are very, very few hours of sunlight. - Sep 2008

It's rainy all year. You will learn to cherish the sunshine. - Feb 2008

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