London - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Umbrella (even though it doesn't rain as much as I thought it would). - Nov 2022

If you forgot it you can buy it here - Aug 2022

curiosity about history, appreciation for culture and flexibility. - May 2022

Openmindedness, raincoat, and sense of adventure. - Jun 2017

Wellies. - Feb 2017

Smile, good manners, and good cheer. - Feb 2016

Life savings and first born child to afford living here. - Nov 2015

Wits. Brits have a dry, biting sense of humor. If you want to make friends, learn how to take and make a joke. - Aug 2015

Umbrella, UV light, and a small suitcase so you can travel on the budget airlines. :) - Jun 2015

Camera and your walking shoes! - Jun 2015

Passport. - May 2015

Wellies & brawley. - Aug 2014

Sense of adventure and networking abilities, or your calendar to manage which houseguest is coming when. - Sep 2012

Rain boots, lotions, coats/jackets for every type of weather and any beauty products you don't want to pay double for. - Jan 2012

Raincoats, rain boots. - Aug 2011

umbrella, galoshes, and a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. - Nov 2009

Rain gear, car, and travel books. - Mar 2009

Patience because although this is 1st world many things move at 3rd world speed. - Sep 2008

Patience. Customer service is poor, service is inefficient and slow. - Feb 2008

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