London - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Excellent medical care. - Jan 2024

Medical care was very good. - Nov 2022

We have used private and the NHS. I don't have any complaints. - Aug 2022

Medical care via the NHS seems nearly impossible to really use since the pandemic but there are MANY private doctors and the embassy has a good health unit. - May 2022

The NHS is fine, although depending on what sort of healthcare you had in the states, you may have to wait longer here to see a specialist or get non-urgent care. Private insurance plans are available if you want to be able to access private medical care. - Jun 2017

Best medical care in the world. With insurance you have access to the private medical system, which means same day appointments, fully covered, with the world's best doctors. I had surgery here and know many people who have given birth in the same hospitals as royalty. - Feb 2017

Excellent medical care. The US Embassy is a medical evacuation center for Europe, Africa, and central Asia. - Feb 2016

I get NHS as a student, though I've never had to use it. There are pharmacies on nearly every block and I don't think there are any major health concerns. - Nov 2015

None. Medical care is excellent. - Aug 2015

Amazing healthcare. London is a medevac point. - Jun 2015

No real health concerns other than year-round allergies and minor chest coughs from air pollution. London is a regional medevac center, so medical care is very good. - Jun 2015

No special concerns. Excellent medical care on the local economy. - May 2015

The quality of medical care is fantastic. From access to the NHS to private medical clinics, there is a wide variety of options. - Sep 2012

Health care here is great. If you have a diplomatic passport, you are entitled to register for NHS which is the local, free healthcare. It isn't the most ideal, but it's not bad. They even offer free fertility treatments, surgeries, etc. We prefer to use the Embassy med unit and then get referred out to a private doctor. The private doctors are much better, but crazy expensive. You'll have to pay the bill in full, then submit to your insurance. - Jan 2012

NHS is available to all, but I would NOT recommend it! Private care is also readily available and excellent, but expensive. - Aug 2011

No health concerns, and the medical care is fantastic. I was covered under NHS while I was there, and it was always great care (and all free!) I've heard private care is even better. Despite the stereotypical bad teeth of Brits, the dentists there are great (just not free). - Nov 2009

None. You can join NHS as a diplomat. Otherwise, local care is just fine. Non-NHS dental care is fantastic!You just have to pay for it out of pocket. - Mar 2009

I'm not impressed by the quality of the hospitals. The first time I went in a hospital I was surprised at the lack of cleanliness. You also have to deal with National Health care and the pluses and minuses of it. Private health care is available but it is very expensive. American insurance companies will reimburse but many only at American rates so your out of pocket may be huge. - Sep 2008

I was admitted into a private hospital while I was there and it was like being in a spa. The service was outstanding (and expensive). I also went to a doctor on the NHS. The NHS facilities were really run-down and crowded, but the care was good. - Feb 2008

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