London - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Polo and chinos unless there’s an important visitor or meeting. - Jan 2024

London is generally a pretty well-dressed place, and we attended some formal events. - Nov 2022

Smart casual - Aug 2022

More formal then other places, jeans are generally frowned upon but are acceptable on Fridays for many sections. - May 2022

Comparable to the US. - Jun 2017

London is a pretty formal post, expect men to be in suit and ties and women to be in dresses/skirts/suits. London proper is much more casual. - Feb 2017

Formal at work, more casual in public. - Feb 2016

Work? Depends on what you do. Public? Anything goes, though people tend to dress up slightly more than in American cities. - Nov 2015

Fairly formal. The (old) Embassy is in one of the wealthiest parts of London and people are usually very well dressed. As for the Embassy, it depends on where you work. Suits are very common. In most offices, it's at least a shirt and tie. - Aug 2015

Business to business casual at work. Whatever you want in public. - Jun 2015

Business casual at work. Anything goes in public. - Jun 2015

Business to business casual depending on the job. It doesn't seem to be a very trendy city, but most people look nice/put-together when out. I don't often seen anyone out in sweatpants unless it's a designer jogging suit or they're obviously going to the gym. - May 2015

Some English men and women dress quite formally and certain events require specific dress. However generally business casual was sufficient at work. Some sections at the High Commission were more formal and business dress was the norm. - Sep 2012

Men wear suits every day and women wear slacks/skirts. It is faily formal. You won't see a lot of people wearing shorts around here because it just doesn't get that warm. - Jan 2012

Professional at work, formal for many occasions. London casual has its own style. Accepting fo all types. - Aug 2011

Pretty casual, unless you're in the financial district. Jeans at work aren't uncommon, as long as they're paired with dress shoes and a nice shirt. - Nov 2009

Business casual to business dress. - Mar 2009

Business. - Sep 2008

At my office it was business casual but many places still insist on formal business attire. - Feb 2008

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