London - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Rugby/football/cricket clubs are an excellent place to meet people. They are usually very friendly and welcoming especially if you have kids playing. - Jan 2024

The embassy hosted some events, but many people also socialized with local communities that share common interests, hobbies, etc. - Nov 2022

I think there are clubs through schools ect. There are loads of ways to meet people. - Aug 2022

In my case, it's based mostly around the school and neighborhoods. As it would take me over an hour to drive my family to Putney, you don't find families from different parts of town mixing much. - May 2022

Pub nights, dinners at each other's houses, sightseeing, walks. I've heard good things about the American Women's Club. I would encourage expats to resist the temptation to build their social lives around other expats exclusively. - Jun 2017

We joined Meetup and made some wonderful friends that we expect to keep even after we leave post. - Feb 2017

Pubs! The Brits take their drinking very seriously! - Feb 2016

I'll say it again: it's London! People go to pubs, go to restaurants, go to shows/movies, just walk in the park, there's lots of options for socializing and entertaining. - Nov 2015

Plays, bars, pubs, road trips, restaurants, concerts... - Aug 2015

Pubs, restaurants, clubs, picnics in the park, markets (Borough Market, Camden Market). Anything and everything. - Jun 2015

Spending time in parks, going to the theater, eating out, museums, travel. You name it and I bet you could find it. - May 2015

Clubs, Movies, Concerts, Bowling, etc. - Aug 2014

A note of caution: I had a few colleagues who had really enjoyed their social status as diplomats on previous postings and the amount of networking that was set up for them and the tight-knit diplomatic community. In London, you will have to fend for yourself more and make your own friendships. - Sep 2012

Everyone tends to do their own thing. There are tons of pubs and dance clubs around. - Jan 2012

Just about anything is available, from theater groups to sports clubs. Everyone has a local pub where you are sure to meet most of your neighbors. - Aug 2011

Fantastic! Pubs, clubs, plays, concerts, food, sports... anything you want, pretty much. Not much entertaining is done in the home, though, partly because Brits are very private people and partly because the flats there are generally just too small to have people over. - Nov 2009

If you want, lots. - Mar 2009

There is plenty to do. - Sep 2008

One could ostensibly go out EVERY night if one wanted to or you could be a home body. It is entirely up to you. - Feb 2008


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