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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Not a lot of EFM jobs but you can work on the economy for decent wages. - Jan 2024

I telecommuted back to my US job (my spouse worked at the embassy), and I knew a few others who did that as well. Some also were able to work out of the London offices, if they worked for a larger company with a presence there. It seemed like EFM jobs were few and far between. - Nov 2022

Wide variety. Yes to everything. - Aug 2022

There is a bilateral work agreement, so spouses can work on the economy. Some opportunities do exist at post although because of the commute and the size of the mission they are very competitive. - May 2022

Most of the expat spouses I know are staying home with young children, but there are loads of Americans working in London, many in financial services in the city. My understanding is that salaries are often less than you'd expect in a comparable job in the US, depending, and the fact that London is so expensive can mean you will often need to accept a simpler lifestyle. - Jun 2017

There are many Embassy jobs, but most are menial. Some spouses work on the economy, but many opt not to work during their London tour. London's a big city, but skilled jobs can be quite competitive. - Feb 2017

Varies. - Feb 2016

There are, but you're competing with Brits and the visa requirements have gotten much more stringent. I don't know if I'll stay once my degree is done; I would consider it if I found something that paid very well and would help me with the visa. - Nov 2015

I think so, but I'm not sure how the visas work. - Aug 2015

Yes, but it's a large city, so there's also plenty of competition. - Jun 2015

Yes. - Jun 2015

I don't know anyone who works on the local economy. - May 2015

Yes. - Sep 2012

There are quite a few jobs available both in the Embassy and on the economy. The Embassy jobs are posted on the website by HR. - Jan 2012

Yes. - Aug 2011

Yes, but they just changed the work permit rules to make it more difficult to get one. I don't know how those rules work for EFMs, but for everyone else you basically have to be a skilled worker to get a permit. - Nov 2009

Yes, plenty. - Mar 2009

Unsure. - Sep 2008

Yes, but work permits might be hard to get. - Feb 2008

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