London - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Good, except for those who were expecting to be treated special or go to frequent social events. In London expats integrate into normal life and they don't get special treatment. - Sep 2012

It varies by department. Moral is usally good. If you are coming from a smaller post, you might find it hard to adjust in the beginning. This is a post where you only see your colleagues at work. Everyone does their own thing and it's very rare to see people outside of work. This is not a "family" type of Embassy like you get at smaller posts. It can be good and bad, depending on your preference. - Jan 2012

High. - Aug 2011

Very high - London rocks! - Nov 2009

Not so good. Life would be much better if the GSO would actually work. It makes life harder when they refuse to fix things in your flat because 'its just not that important'. GSO excels at making our home life harder than the average Brit. The work day is also longer than most places and the Embassy supports a high quantity of visits. - Mar 2009

Varies, some are very happy because of the access to Europe and the ease of travel. Others are stressed by the expense because of the slump of the greenback. - Sep 2008

Generally high, but everyone complains about the cost of living. - Feb 2008

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