London - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

It’s huge. I think most are happy to be here. - Jan 2024

There is a large expat community, but the city and surrounding areas are so easy to navigate that the community is much less close-knit than I've heard about other places. We would hear occasionally of coworkers who were unhappy being posted there, but most people seemed to enjoy it. - Nov 2022

Huge and good morale. - Aug 2022

Huge expat community, I honestly meet far more expats than locals living in our neighborhodd. - May 2022

Huge. London is so large and spread out, that most expats will never meet each other. I understand there are some areas that have more Americans than others, perhaps around the American international schools. The American expats I know love it here, although finances can be tight. - Jun 2017

It's massive, one of our largest missions. But, being in such an incredible, English speaking country, and pretty spread out in housing, there isn't much of an embassy community. Many people spend their free time outside the embassy community. - Feb 2017

Huge expat community. Morale tends to be good, but expats who prefer compounds or suburban living need to quickly adapt and temper their expectations, or unhappiness can result. - Feb 2016

It's actually really hard to find Brits here sometimes! London is such an international city, so the expat population here is enormous. I don't really think there's any general morale trend, but I'd imagine your personal morale depends on what you're here to do, why you've come, how long you've been here, and your socioeconomic status. - Nov 2015

Massive in size. Morale really varies. I had a wonderful time, but I know others suffered. At many posts, people posted at the Embassy are sort of forced to hang out with one another and that builds community. That's not the case in London. If you rely on the summer camp vibe of small or remote posts, London will be an adjustment. - Aug 2015

Huge and generally good. - Jun 2015

Huge. Morale varies depending on expectations. - Jun 2015

Large. Morale really varies here. People either seem to love it or hate it. I have seem quite a few curtailments. This is not a close embassy community, as there is so much to do on the local economy and housing it spread out. - May 2015

Huge expat community but most find each other through school. - Aug 2014

Huge. - Sep 2012

Huge! - Jan 2012

. - Aug 2011

Huge. - Nov 2009

Large. - Mar 2009

Very big. - Sep 2008

Large. - Feb 2008


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