London - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

English is the language of the land. - Jan 2024

Everyone speaks English. - Nov 2022

You would have a hard time if you didn't speak English in London. - May 2022

If you speak English, you're fine in London. You just have to get used to the accent and to the different words/phrases Brits use. You're not sick, you're 'poorly.' It's not the car trunk, it's the 'boot.' You're not going on vacation, you're going on 'holiday.' - Jun 2017

You'll learn a lot of new words for produce, but otherwise everything is the same. - Feb 2017

English is used by all. But the city is full of foreigners from Europe, Africa, Russia, China, south Asia, and the Middle East. - Feb 2016

It's England. They invented English. If you're living in a more immigrant-heavy area, it might be nice to know a few words in the languages spoken in the area, but you're totally fine with just English. Some accents may be difficult to understand, or if someone is using a lot of regional slang, that can be hard to follow, but if you politely say that you didn't understand, they'll gladly try to speak more clearly/slowly and clarify what they mean. People are used to different varieties of English being spoken here. - Nov 2015

You'll be fine with American english. - Aug 2015

English! - Jun 2015

It is an English speaking country, but you will have to adjust to accents and local terminology. - May 2015

Well, English is pretty easy. - Aug 2014

Some of the regional accents can be difficult to understand for the first few weeks and a few words are different, but this is the home of the English language. Basic Spanish, Portugeuse, or Polish might be useful if you are hiring a cleaner. - Sep 2012

English!You'll hear every language known to man here, but almost everyone speaks English. You'll get to know all the different accents too. - Jan 2012

Its english! - Aug 2011

Well it's English, but knowing what 'quid' and 'loo' and 'bangers' are wouldn't hurt. - Nov 2009

Although English is the local language, you may want to find out what a fort night is and how much a stone weighs. - Sep 2008

English is pretty handy; after all it is England! The hardest thing to get used to is the different accents. Brits love teaching you their slang and hearing you say it with an American accent. - Feb 2008


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