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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

I hear it’s expensive but have to experience with it here. - Jan 2024

My understanding was that it was pretty expensive, so we never explored hiring household help. - Nov 2022

We pay 12 GBP/hour (~$15/hour) for a housekeeper and consider ourselves VERY lucky. I think 15GBP/hour is more typical. If you are a diplomat you don't need to pay into the social programs but you still must provide 28 days of leave for a FTE. - May 2022

I have no idea, but I assume it's available and expensive. - Jun 2017

We pay about $30 to have a maid clean for four hours. We've heard that childcare can be extremely expensive. - Feb 2017

Expensive, 10-20 GBP per hour. - Feb 2016

No sure. - Nov 2015

It's available. I think I paid 50 GBP for 4 hours/week? Ask around the embassy if you want to find someone trustworthy. - Aug 2015

We had a housekeeper come once a week for 10 GBP/hour. Expensive, but helpful. - Jun 2015

No experience. The few people I know who have nannies bring them into the country as live-ins. Babysitters charge £10 per hour. - Jun 2015

Available and expensive. The going rate for cleaning and dog walking seems to be 10 pounds per hour. Many families with children sponsor live-in domestic help from the Philippines. - May 2015

Easy to come by but hard to keep. About 10£ an hour, yikes! - Aug 2014

Cost is about 6 pounds an hour, which is $9 - $10. - Sep 2012

It varies here. There is availability, but it's pricey. Every person charges something different. - Jan 2012

Expensive, from what I understand, but available. - Aug 2011

Don't use it, too expensive. - Mar 2009

Very expensive, help starts at 8 pounds per hour which is about US$16 per hour. - Sep 2008

Expensive. I had someone who came in for a couple of hours twice a week. I paid US$100/week. You could probably get a non-professional cleaner to come in for cheaper, but you would really need to know people in the community well to find those people. - Feb 2008


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