London - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Very safe, many young children 6+ use it independently. My teenagers love the independence it offers them. - Jan 2024

Yes. We regularly used the Tube and buses. You don't even need an Oyster card anymore, just use Apple or Google Pay from your device or contactless credit cards. Black cabs, Uber, and other car services are also readily available (some more expensive than others). We also walked as much as possible within the city. - Nov 2022

Yes when they are not on strike. I think taxis are expensive. - Aug 2022

Safe, and I pay $8.5 US a day to get to work. - May 2022

London has a fantastic public transport network, but it's not super cheap. However, for us, it's cheaper than owning and driving a car, and certainly less hassle. The bus/tube/Thames river bus/ London overground are all integrated, so with an Oyster card or by using your contactless debit card, your journeys are kept track of and you won't be charged more than the 'cap' for that day and that week. Children under 11 are free on buses and tube, while children 11-15 are free on buses and get discounted tube fare. Taxis are safe, but not cheap, and so many people are using Uber. Trains around the UK are frustratingly expensive, but by booking advanced tickets, and making use of discount rail cards (we have the Family and Friends rail card), the price can be brought down. - Jun 2017

All are extremely safe and affordable (for London). Uber is your best bet for taxis, as it is half the price of London black cabs. You can take public transport to any city or small town in the UK. - Feb 2017

Yes and yes. - Feb 2016

A taxi ride across town will drain your child's college fund. I kid, but seriously, avoid taxis unless you're very drunk and there's no Night Tube or reliable bus service (time your night carefully), because they're horrendously expensive. The Tube and buses are London affordable, which is to say expensive but not horribly so; if you're staying for longer than a few days, invest in an Oyster card to save time and some money. I have a student card, which gives me a 30% discount on all fares and travel cards, and I'm thinking of getting the 16-25 Railcard so I can get similar discounts on rail tickets. Everything is very safe, clean, and convenient. I ride the Tube nearly every day and aside from one line I use getting shut down nearly every weekend for "track improvements" (ugh), I think it's very reliable. - Nov 2015

Yes, yes, yes. - Aug 2015

Very safe. - Jun 2015

Yes, very. - Jun 2015

They are safe and so efficient. We joke that we have been spoiled by such amazing access to trains and busses. I think the most we've ever waited for either is 5 min and more often it is a 1-2 minute wait. As everything else, it is expensive to use public transportation here. Though, I believe students and seniors travel free. - May 2015

Fantastic transportation the tube and buses are awesome. We didn't have a car our whole tour. - Aug 2014

They are safe, but they are pricey if used regularly compared to transport in Canada. - Sep 2012

They are very safe. The bus is cheaper than the tube (subway), but the tube is faster. Taxis are a little expensive, but reliable. I've been very impressed with the public transportation and use it every day. The prices change every year. Right now it costs about US$2.50 for a one-way trip on the bus. The Tube varies but tends to be around US$5 for a one-way trip. Expect to pay around US$5-10 a day to get to work and back. Parking at the embassy is not always available and they discourage it. - Jan 2012

Safe and reasonable. Taxis are not cheap, but buses and the tube are very convenient and safe. - Aug 2011

Definitely safe and clean, but not exactly cheap. Buses are the most economical option, and they can generally get you where you want to go. Sometimes the Tube workers go on strike... and trains/stations are frequently out of service, especially on weekends -- so always check TFL before you travel. Get an Oyster card as soon as you get there! And don't take the Tube in the summer, you'll suffocate. Taxis are great, but a bit pricey. - Nov 2009

Yes - great public transportation. Cost is better than Washington DC metro. - Mar 2009

The black cabs are safe and expensive. Local trains and buses are every where because this is a pedestrian city. - Sep 2008

Public transport is perfectly safe and more available than any U.S. city. It is getting increasingly expensive though. - Feb 2008

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