London - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

There are many businesses and tube stations that aren’t handicap accessible. I would say it would be difficult but not impossible. - Jan 2024

Probably yes. Some areas have good accessibility, but many historic sites and buildings have uneven roads and paths and lots of stairs. It did seem, though, like many places work hard to accommodate people with disabilities when they can. - Nov 2022

I think it would be difficult but doable. Not all tube stations have an elevator and there is just a lot of walking involved. - Aug 2022

Things are well-connected and there is accommodations in place, however I can't imagine trying to use the tube in a wheelchair. The US Embassy is very accessible. - May 2022

The buses have ramps and spaces for wheelchairs. Some of the tube stations are wheelchair accessible and some aren't. The city does its best to accommodate people, but it's large and much of its infrastructure is old. - Jun 2017

Yes. There are many tube stations and buildings that only offer stairs. It's getting better, but following foot surgery, I found it difficult to get around. - Feb 2017

The Tube is difficult to access for persons with physical disabilities. - Feb 2016

A lot of Tube stations have lots of stairs and steps, but there are plenty of curb cuts on the sidewalks and it seems like most newer buildings are designed to have disability access. - Nov 2015

Maybe. It's an old city, and I don't remember seeing a ton of handicapped accessible infrastructure, but I guess I wasn't looking for it. - Aug 2015

It's better equipped than most. Some of the tube lines have access for disabled, and many of the buses do as well. - Jun 2015

Again, yes, and no. The buses are very handicap-friendly, but you can only have one or two wheelchairs or strollers on at a time, or they will make you wait for the next bus. And there are quite a few underground stations that do not have elevators. Sidewalks are wide but crowded. I imagine it would take some planning. - Jun 2015

The sidewalks here are very slippery when it rains. I think living here would be okay, but would probably present challenges due to small spaces, small elevators, etc if a wheelchair was involved. - May 2015

Somewhat difficult as sidewalks can be crowded and uneven. Every bus is equipped to lift wheel chairs but the tube is not. - Aug 2014

Many older buildings are not easily accessible, though efforts are being made to improve this. - Sep 2012

There won't be a lot of difficulties here. They are very conscious of everyone's needs and try to accommodate. The sidewalks are sometimes unlevel so you'll notice a lot of people looking down, just to make sure they don't trip. But otherwise, they are very good with helping people with disabilities. - Jan 2012

Not too bad. Most places will accommodate wheelchairs, but there are lots of cobblestones and stairs, as well. - Aug 2011

Well it's becoming more disability-friendly, but most of the streets, buildings, tube stations, etc. are very old and don't have adequate facilities for anyone who can't do steps or cobblestones. You can get around, but you may have to out of your way to do it. - Nov 2009

No - I don't think so. Many buses are equiped to handle wheelchairs, and some tube stops have designated wheelchair access. - Mar 2009

Getting around will be a problem as many of the tube stations are not accessible. The buses seem to have ramps and are not a problem. Also the sidewalks are not level and may cause a problem. It is also very difficult to get disabled parking. - Sep 2008

Facilities are improving but it is still a rough city for people with disabilities to get around. - Feb 2008

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