London - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

None that I have seen but I am not in any of those groups so I can’t reliably comment on that. - Jan 2024

Not really - Aug 2022

I haven't seen it. - May 2022

London is a very diverse city. Overall, people live harmoniously, but there can be tensions. I personally witnessed a British man berate an immigrant mother on a bus, and tell her she was in the wrong country. Muslims may feel anxious because the general public might associate them with the radicalized Muslims who committed the terrorist attacks. - Jun 2017

There's the usual ethnic tensions, but everyone's pretty much go along, get along. - Feb 2017

Some. - Feb 2016

There are definitely racial divisions, though the divisions and tensions are very different from what I've known in the United States. I'm a white American, so I don't experience any sort of prejudice due to the color of my skin or my religion (I'm Jewish), but you do start to notice that there are some bad inequalities. Still, people seem to mix and mingle a lot more than in the States. I think there are also issues with xenophobia, though I mostly hang around with other international students/rather open-minded Brits, so again, I haven't really experienced it firsthand. - Nov 2015

Not that I know of. In fact, no one batted an eye when they heard my American accent. London is incredibly cosmopolitan, and the Brits pride themselves on it. - Aug 2015

I think the problems are similar to those in the U.S.. London is an extremely diverse city though, so as a minority myself, that made me feel comfortable and didn't make me feel as though I stood out, per-say. - Jun 2015

Yes, and no. London is one of the safer big cities. But the UK, like France, is having a problem with radical Muslims and illegal North African immigrants. - Jun 2015

None that I'm aware of. - May 2015

Not that I was aware. - Aug 2014

No difference from North America. - Sep 2012

There are the normal stereotypes you have to deal with, but nothing out of the ordinary. On public transport, it's a rare occasion to see a man giving up his place for a woman. I've even seen a guy push a girl out of the way for a seat. - Jan 2012

Nothing overt ... racial issues in the outlying impoverished areas, but not aware of any issues with professionals/embassy employees. - Aug 2011

Only if you're Polish... but in general no. - Nov 2009

No. - Mar 2009

Not any more than any other major city. - Sep 2008

There are growing tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims. In other aspects, the U.K. is far more progressive than the USA: the U.K. has more inter-racial relationships than any place I've ever seen. - Feb 2008

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