London - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Good for everyone. - Jan 2024

As a couple, we loved it. Families also seemed quite happy, but I could see it being a lonelier place for singles, since the community is more spread out. - Nov 2022

I think it's great for everyone. If you are looking for the full-time live in nanny lifestyle then this might not be the place for you. - Aug 2022

I think good for single and couples without kids, but I would not pick London for families again. - May 2022

It's good for everyone. Families may find it challenging to find the right mix of neighborhood, school, and housing, because of the high costs. And buying a property may not be a possibility at all, depending. - Jun 2017

There's something to do for everyone, but it's a big city, so I'm glad I arrived as one of a couple. - Feb 2017

Yes. - Feb 2016

Good for everyone! It's a massive city with so much to do! - Nov 2015

Certainly for singles and couples. I imagine daycare is expensive. I've heard people complain about being poor here, but COLA floated around 75% and housing was free. I was able to save some money. - Aug 2015

Good for all of the above. There's plenty to do for every type of person/family/lifestyle. - Jun 2015

It's a good city for anyone. - Jun 2015

This is a great city for everyone, but it could be lonely for singles. We really don't have embassy friends, as most people tend to do their own thing. The embassy does try to sponsor a lot of events, so attending those would be helpful for singles. - May 2015

Great city for everybody. - Aug 2014

Yes, good for all. - Sep 2012

This city is great for everyone!If you are bored here, it's your own fault. - Jan 2012

Great for anyone! - Aug 2011

It's great for anyone. - Nov 2009

Yes. I found loads to do as a single here. I know families are always busy with after school activities, and its easy to hop on a train and visit around London. - Mar 2009

It can be - just be prepared to use the public transportation system. - Sep 2008

Yes, for everybody. Families with children will find it especially expensive. Couples will LOVE it. Singles will love the opportunity, but Brits don't immediately warm up to you so making friends might take longer than it would in other parts of the world. - Feb 2008

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