What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

There are no 24-hour businesses at all (with the exception of hospitals). The entire town (with the exception of the bars) shuts down early. Most stores are closed by 5/6pm everyday, with the exception of grocery stores, which are open until 6/7pm every day. On Sunday everything closes in the afternoon. Around the holidays almost everybody leaves Windhoek for the coast or other vacation destinations. The grocery stores and some restaurants are open, but many businesses shut down (including the local government). It is difficult to get a doctor's appointment during this time, as most of the doctors are on leave and most offices are down to 1 doctor. I had to call 7 different doctors' offices before I found one available to see my son (who had a fever of 105F). The RMO and RMO/P are not at post. They are in South Africa and come by every few months for visits or if there is an issue. There is an embassy nurse at post, but she cannot prescribe medication. Gas cannot be purchased by credit card. Almost every gas station is cash only. - Jan 2016

Be prepared to do some road trips. Most destinations are at least a 4-hour drive from Windhoek. Meat is a big part of local diet, particularly red meat. - Jun 2015

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