Windhoek - Post Report Question and Answers

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Maybe its the leftover German influence, but Namibians are very Punctual. I once showed up for a meeting at the start time, I was the last one there and they had just finished introductions. Arrive at least 5 min early prior to your meeting's start time. - Jan 2021

Namibians are BIG red-meat eaters. People say that "vegetarian" for a Namibian means chicken and fish. It may be hard for a vegetarian to find items on the menu that don't contain meat. Renting vendors is relatively inexpensive here, which is great for children's parties and PTA & CLO activities. I have rented a bounce house (about U.S. $50 for half a day), cotton candy/snow cone/or popcorn machine with the accessories and operator (about U.S. $50 a day), a carousel/large battery-operated train that seats 5 children at at time (about U.S. 65 a day)..coin operated cars, bubble machines, chocolate fountains and such. All are very inexpensive compared to most U.S. prices. There are also face painters available for hire (although these are a bit more expensive). Remember: they drive on the opposite side of the road here, and that takes a bit of getting used to. - Jan 2016

You must have a car to get around town. With children, it helps if one parent doesn't work, otherwise, there won't be much social life for your kids. - Jan 2013

We love it here, but it's been hard on our teens socially and academically.... Great volunteer opportunities for the whole family and locals are very appreciative of your efforts. - Jul 2012

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