What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Nothing here is fast. We recently got a KFC, but there are no drive-through restaurants. Food is reasonably priced. - Jan 2016

KFC is the only American chain here and a limited number of South African chains exist. Reasonable prices. City lacks non-Western food options; a few exist but none are very good. - Jun 2015

The only American fast food is KFC, and calling it fast is a bit of a stretch. It can take 20 minutes to get your stuff. There are some South African chains: Nando's, Steers, Spur, and Wimpy's, that can serve up chips and burgers or chicken. In general, the food here is very meat-centric (the braii is a national pastime, or near enough): grilled things covered in sauce. It's unusual for an entree to cost more than $20US, and there are some decent places to eat, but the restaurant scene here is fairly volatile with places opening and closing monthly. - May 2013

Most South African chains can be found here - Steers, Ocean Basket, Spur, Wimpy's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are also a number of "nice" restaurants - Stellenbosch, Am Weinberg, O Portuga. Cost varies but you will rarely pay more than $20 USD for an entree. We find eating out to be quite reasonable compared to elsewhere. - Jan 2013

KFC is the only U.S. based chain, but Nandos, FishAways, Steers are also available. Prices are a bit more than the U.S. - Jul 2012

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