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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

It's very hot so sports are difficult. The local scouts is wonderful. They've been coed for decades. - Jan 2021

There are sports programs available for kids, but these are not associated with the school. Windhoek International School is working to change this with the help of the new director. Soccer is available, as are swimming, karate, horse-back riding, dance and gymnastics. With some of these activities children have the option to participate competitively or non-competitively. Please note that there is a swim club called Dolphin’s Swim Club. This club is reportedly good for older children. However, they are known for holding younger children’s heads under the water for disciplinary purposes (such as for not listening or crying). If you do not approve of these disciplinary techniques then you may wish to reconsider enrolling young children in this swim club. - Jan 2016

A lot are available through the schools---my daughter is taking swimming, but there's also soccer, karate, gymnastics, ballet, and horseback riding that I've heard of. - May 2013

Yes, although generally not through Windhoek International School. - Jan 2013

Limited in the schools, but there are club sports available. My daughter plays ice hockey and was able to join an inline hockey team here (almost all are German-Namibians). There are track, netball, field hockey, soccer, etc. The International school offers limited after-school club sports in more traditional U.S. sports such as baseball/softball and basketball. - Jul 2012

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