Windhoek - Post Report Question and Answers

What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

This is a very under-resourced post for kids with special needs. Occupational therapists had no clue what ABA was. - Jan 2021

Every in-coming child must first go through a school assessment. During the assessment it will be determined what grade/level the child will be placed in. There are special needs children that have been placed in grades younger than there age following these assessments. Many of the special needs children have a support person that stays with them and assists them throughout the day. It is the responsibility of the parent to find this person as the school does not provide one. There are not any specific special needs classes. Special needs children attend classes with non-special needs children. - Jan 2016

I haven't really seen anything that would make me believe that special-needs kids would be all that accommodated here, I'm sad to say. - May 2013

Not sure. Many schools here are limited and small scale, so I wouldn't think that they would have too many resources for special needs. Most of them do not have any gifted programs, either. - Jul 2012

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