Windhoek - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is very good. Dentistry, too. If needed, more critical specialized care options are in South Africa. - Jan 2021

Medical care is very good here. We have been impressed. Our dentist and GP are amazing, as is the children's ENT. My daughter had her tonsils removed by a local ENT here, and he did a wonderful job. For major health issues we have had a couple of employees MediVac'd to South Africa. Children who attend Windhoek International School are not held to the same vaccination standards as most U.S. Children are. Some vaccines that are required for schools in the U.S. are optional for children who attend WIS. There have been several outbreaks at the school - none from mission children - of things that American children are vaccinated for. It is my understanding that the children who got sick had not been vaccinated by choice. - Jan 2016

Quality of medical care is fine. - Jun 2015

The RMO and RMO-P are based out of Pretoria, but in the year we've been here we've only had one visit from the RMO, and that was with about two days' notice. The local NP hooks us up with local doctors who are all South African trained (Namibia's medical school will graduate its first doctors this year). Specialists are few and far between: there are two ob/gyns in the city, and about the same number of pediatricians. But the air quality is good, the tap water is drinkable, and---other than dry skin---there have not really been any health concerns for us. - May 2013

Medical care exists and most are trained in South Africa. Specialists are a bit harder to find - especially pediatrics. General care is good. Dental is also good. It's harder to get medical care during Christmas break when everyone seems to vacate the capital. - Jan 2013

Dryness, but humidifiers are given to families. Medical care is pretty good, but some things require medical evacuation to South Africa or London. We've been happy with our care here - which has included stays in the local private hospital and E.R. Much better and quicker service than anywhere else in the world! - Jul 2012

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