Windhoek - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Single working parent so we had a full time nanny plus a part time housekeeper/cook, plus a once a week pool and garden helper. - Jan 2021

Domestic help is very affordable, approximately US$12-US$15 a day. - Jan 2016

Reliable and good domestic help is relative. Part-time help is very reasonable. - Jun 2015

There's a relatively finite pool of domestic help that all of the expats seem to pull from. You can get a nanny or a housekeeper, but finding someone who does both really well doesn't seem to exist. We have a housekeeper who comes twice a week, and we her pay roughly $200US a month, plus two meals while she's here. Also a gardener who gets $20 Namibian an hour (about $2US), and a pool guy who gets $10US a visit. - May 2013

Available, but don't expect too much. Motivation is often lacking. Cost is not cheap, I feel like I'm paying too much for what we receive. - Jan 2013

Inexpensive and varies. We pay our gardener about $20-25 a day for his services, and we provide him with two meals while he is here. Our domestic worker is paid around $175 a month for two days a week, with taxi fees. We also provide her with two meals a day on the days she works. Many families with small children have live-in help, and most houses have maids quarters built into them. (Ours is quite small, but many are spacious). - Jul 2012

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