Windhoek - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Hell to the No for singles, esp single women. This is an ideal post for families with small children. See comment above about poor quality of WIS. - Jan 2021

This is a great city for families with young children. There are many activities outside of school such as swim clubs, karate, gymnastics, ballet, horse back riding lessons, soccer and music lessons. There are several large play areas that recently opened (Funky Monkey and Joyful Noise). These places have cafes where parents can sit and eat while children play on climbing structures. Joyful Noise is located inside of the Maerua Mall and parents can drop off their children while they shop. There are two malls in Windhoek. Maerua and Grove. The Grove Mall is new. Both malls have movie theaters. I have heard some families with teenagers complain that there is not as much for older children to do in Windhoek as there is for younger children and that there older children are bored at times. For singles and couples there are bars, karaoke Nights, and some events at Warehouse theater and FNCC. These events usually involve music, poetry, comedy, and other performances. CLO functions are generally well attended as Windhoek is small. These events often include painting and jewelry making with local artists, wine tastings, holiday parties, meet and greets and so on. People also like to leave Windhoek on the weekends as there are many lodges with game drives close to Windhoek (many people do day trips). - Jan 2016

It's a great city for families with younger children. - Jun 2015

I'd say this is a very good post for families, especially families with younger kids (because of the less-optimal school situation for teenagers). There's not really a lot to do socially if you're not plugged in either at the schools or through the international clubs. - May 2013

I think it's best for families and couples. There doesn't seem to be a lot to do for singles, unless you're adventurous and like to travel on your own. - Jan 2013

Yes, great for families - but mostly for younger children. Not a lot for teens to do in Windhoek and they are limited in mobility and freedom due to transportation and safety issues. Clubbing and drinking are popular past times for teens, even young ones. - Jul 2012

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