What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

It will be extraordinarily difficult to find accommodation for food allergies at local restaurants. - Jul 2020

Pollen allergies are far less frequent here than in other parts of the world, so that's a plus. That said, colds are often a result of pollution or other environmental factors. Germs are everywhere - there are a lot of people! And Indians do not widely conform to Western standards of cleanliness or sanitation, unfortunately. Nice restaurants with owners who've lived outside of India may come back with concepts of "gluten intolerance" and "peanut allergy" but most regular restaurants won't understand, nor will their menus list ingredients. - Jul 2019

Bring antihistamines and you'll be fine. - Nov 2017

It is very dusty here all the time and so everything is the house is always covered in dust, from floors to walls. The air quality is bad, so some develop respiratory problems. - Sep 2016

Be careful. Probably a lot of dust pollutants from the smog. Hard to get around a gluten allergy, I would imagine too. Peanut allergies might be difficult too. - Mar 2015

Because it's so dry, those with dust allergies may suffer. - Jan 2015

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