Hyderabad - Post Report Question and Answers

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The country is overwhelming. Culture shock was real and you’ll probably go through phases of “please no more,” but travel helps a lot. It really is a “sub-continent” and not a country. Embrace it, but hold on tight. - Jan 2023

Vegetarians (who like spicy Indian food) will be in heaven here. We earn our 25% differential, unlike other 25% posts I've been to. Living in Hyderabad is hard - the pollution, the traffic, the availability and quality of food, difficulties connecting with locals, lack of good bars/clubs/social spaces for young folks, the streets, the dirt, the smells, the poverty, the bureaucracy, the bad customer service, the fact nothing can get accomplished on one try... There are certainly ways to make the two years work - and work well - but it's no cake-walk. I spent a lot of time holed up indoors because the thought of dealing with the world was too much that day. And yet I've made wonderful memories and have a lifetime of anecdotes to carry with me forever. It was certainly challenging but ultimately rewarding. - Jul 2019

It's overall a great post for families and we're glad we've come here. - Nov 2017

You need to mentally prepare yourself for this assignment. Think hard and weigh all your options before you decide to move here. - Sep 2016

It's not uncommon for people stare when they see a foreigner, They're not meaning to be rude; they're just curious. Especially at tourist sites, you will feel like a rock star as many people will ask if they can take a photo with you. Enjoy your moment of fame. If you're respectful and polite, people are OK with you taking photos of them. Some people live in dire poverty. It is very common to see people sleeping on the sidewalks or begging. - Jan 2015

I thought I was a seasoned traveler and expat. Then I went to India. Life there can be tough. Some people thrive on it - they live for the intensity. Most find it challenging. Many just can't hack it. Life in India is raw and uncensored. You learn what poverty is, what humanity is, and what humans are capable of doing to other humans. You also learn that humans are capable of great and beautiful things - when they try. - Nov 2014

Although there are some advantages to life here, relative to Delhi or Mumbai (air quality + climate), it's still India. We've loved the tourism here. The people, in general, can be quite friendly. But day-to-day living in India is full of challenges and the grinding poverty surrounding you can really break your heart. Know what you're getting yourself into. - Jul 2014

Hyderabad is what you make of it. It doesn't have as much as the U.S. to offer, but you can find fun ways to spend your time if you look hard enough. For me, it's traveling, shopping, and playing tennis. - Mar 2012

We like the city well enough to have extended from a 2-year assignment to 3 years, but we'll also be happy to move on to a new adventure when our time is up here. - Feb 2012

India is fascinating but Hyderabad is not. If you have kids and like to hang out at home, you'll probably like it here. For everyone else, get out and travel or you'll go crazy. - Jan 2011

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