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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

High-speed internet is available. It took a few weeks for it be installed. - Jun 2024

You want to get your local bank account set up ASAP so you can get your internet set up. It took a week or so. You can pay by the year, so I don't remember exactly how much ours works out to a month, but it's not expensive. If you don't have a local bank account, you'll need someone to be willing to let you use theirs to make the initial payment. It also requires a personal visit by a tech to get set up. - Apr 2024

Is available, set up is a little finicky (many people involved), but doable. Best internet connection I ever had. Barely cost anything. Broke a few times, but was usually fixed within 48 hours. 10/10. - Jan 2023

Yes. We had excellent and very affordable internet within a week or two of arriving. We paid in six month chunks. - Dec 2020

Home internet access is available - generally there will only be one provider to your area. GSO will help arrange installation. It's more or less reliable but not always particularly fast. It is extremely cheap - I think I paid around $300 for a year of service. - Jul 2020

Yes, very fast internet is available. Most people use ACT if the hookup is available, and we didn't have problems. We did have to pay the entire annual cost up front each year - and in CASH - which was collected at our house by a person from the company who didn't carry ID and spoke little English, but the internet did work and went out very infrequently. - Jul 2019

Yes, seems like it can be done in a day. - Jan 2019

Yes, available, fast and MUCH cheaper than the US. On average we pay $20/mo for unlimited data and easily stream Netflix on different TVs at the same time with no issue.

It's a hassle for install (multiple visits), but once installed it's fine. - Nov 2017

One of the many disappointing aspects of living here is the internet. Contrary to common belief, Internet in India is not fast, but unreliable and expensive for the speed. It is partly due to the fact that there are millions on people surfing on it at all times, partly due to the lack of infrastructure. We pay about US$40 a month for the fastest speed available in our community and we find ourselves disappointed every day. - Sep 2016

Yup! And really really cheap! It'll drop at times, but it's reliable and they'll come fix stuff right away. - Mar 2015

The Internet is the fastest and most affordable I've ever had, 15 MB per second. Beam Telecom service is pretty good. - Jan 2015

Available? Yes. Expensive? No. Reliable...not so much. The broadband is fantastic for the five or six days a week that is works. We purchased a 3G wireless plan for backup. - Nov 2014

Yes, it's fairly cheap and fast. I think we pay about $30/month. When it works, it's great. But ours cuts out 1-2 times per week for 24 hours at a time. Reliability has been a nightmare. - Jul 2014

The internet here is very fast, cheap, and reliable (as long as the power doesn't go out!). - Mar 2012

Yes, cost is about $65 a month. - Feb 2012

Surprisingly, the internet here is not very good. You can get "up to" 500KB for about $50/month. Stress on the words "up to." - Jan 2011

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