Hyderabad - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

We didn't have pets, but people seemed happy with vet care. - Jun 2024

No quarantine. We have cats and it was kind of a pain to bring them in, but some of that was due to covid restrictions that have been lifted. The expediter from the consulate will help you get your animal admitted. India just created a long-ish list of banned dog breeds, so check that carefully. It has the 'usual suspects' like pit bulls and cane corsos, but it also says "all terriers" and it's not clear at the time of writing if that's going to include little breeds like Jack Russell. We have our housekeeper take care of them when we're away, so I don't know about kennels. There are a lot of vets, though. - Apr 2024

Didn’t have a pet, but vets are available. Walking dogs is possible in parks, but sidewalks aren’t a thing, so it seems tough. It’s a hot and dusty country. Many (adorable) street dogs everywhere. - Jan 2023

I know one or two people here who have pets. I hear veterinary care is mediocre but available. I'm not clear on quarantine requirements, etc. - Jul 2020

Getting pets in and out sounds quite complicated, but doable. No quarantine. Vets and pet goods available locally. - Jan 2019

Talk to management about importing a pet. Many of us have cats and dogs we imported; it's a paperwork process, but doable. No quarantine required. Veterinary care is sufficient. - Nov 2017

There are no decent vets. There is one kennel that people use when traveling. No quarantine. Bringing a pet is a cumbersome process. People often drive to Bangalore/Chennai, about an 8 hour drive, so they can fly out with their dog/cat on the same plane. If I recall correctly, there are restrictions to bringing your pet in cabin or excess baggage. Cargo seems to be fine. Check with the shipping department. - Sep 2016

I'm not sure. Yes, the pet care is pretty good. We have a local vet most people use - and while they can be harsh/crass in customer service sometimes - they are clean, efficient, and helpful for the most part; and moreover, they're 24/7. Most people at post have animals or get animals here. - Mar 2015

I don't know about incoming pets and quarantine. However, certain airlines are better than others about shipping your pet. Recently, when someone who had a dog departed Post, they had to drive all the way to Bangalore, about an 8 hour drive, so they could ship their dog on the same plane. They bore the expense of renting the car and staying in a hotel prior to departure. - Jan 2015

Pets do not need to be quarantined and there is a good vet in town. On a side note, for those of you subject to Fly America, shipping a pet out of Hyderabad can be an expensive nightmare. - Nov 2014

No. Rules seem to be changing, though. One local kennel for dogs is used by most. At least one good local vet. - Jul 2014

Technically, incoming pets can do home quarantine and then need to be checked by the quarantine doctor. However, we walked right through the airport with two cats, and nobody stopped us. - Mar 2012

They can be home-quarantined. A few days after arrival you must bring the animal to the quarantine office at the airport, then after 30 days you must bring them to a vet for a checkup and then bring a health certificate back to the quarantine office. - Feb 2012

No. - Jan 2011

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