Hyderabad - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

I don't send anything, generally, but I could use the embassy program that sends packages through the pouch for an additional fee over the cost of postage. We get our mail through the pouch. Usually it comes one to two times per week, and packages from the US take around 3-4 weeks. I wouldn't try to use any kind of Indian post, but you could use DHL or Blue Dart if you needed to. - Apr 2024

Diplomatic pouch takes two to four weeks, sometimes longer. Outbound is about two weeks, but it depends when the shipment is going out. The Indian postal service is efficient and inexpensive for sending things. It’s a little complex, so it may be best to send someone to post your letters, but it does work. I had a postcard arrive in Europe a week later, but YMMV. Receiving packages can be more complex. Often they will attempt to collect customs charges or request you come to the post office to collect a package. For the first, it can be tough to dispute this since the tariffs are levied by another organization. If they won’t deliver, it may be worth simply insisting, but remain polite. - Jan 2023

Pouch through the consulate. There was no DPO when we were there. We had a FedEx package delivered once from the U.S. It took a bit longer than estimated but was otherwise fine. - Dec 2020

This post is pouch-only. No DPO and no local international mail service. I would avoid using local domestic mail service. - Jul 2020

Post offers a package facility that operates through Delhi. In practice, this means we have to pay to get our mail first to Delhi before you can send it back to the States. No DPO here! Dropping off letter mail is fine, and you just put a stamp on it. But any Amazon returns will first require a postage fee to get it to Delhi before you can avail the "free return." - Jul 2019

Diplomatic pouch. - Jan 2019

All mail is through the consulate mail room. This is a diplomatic pouch only post. - Nov 2017

Mail comes through diplomatic pouch and it takes an average of 3 weeks. Note that when you send packages to the U.S. or receive commissary shipments, you have to pay an additional freight charge - and it is a hassle to return anything. We just don't do it. - Sep 2016

Through the Consulate pouch. I sent something by DHL once to Germany and it was really expensive. - Mar 2015

Mail comes through diplomatic pouch from the Embassy. Note that when you send packages to the U.S. or receive commissary shipments, you have to pay an additional freight charge. - Jan 2015

The diplomatic pouch can require anything between one and four weeks for one-way travel. - Nov 2014

Diplomatic pouch. - Jul 2014

We receive mail through the pouch at the consulate. - Mar 2012

We use the pouch through the consulate, but we've also used FedEx and India post with success. - Feb 2012

We're lucky and can use the pouch. Friends outside the consulate have had poor luck both sending and receiving packages though the Indian postal system. Fed Ex and Blue Dart are your best bet. - Jan 2011

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