Hyderabad - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Absolutely, yes. Fabric, art, handicrafts, it's all beautiful and very affordable. - Jun 2024

Textiles, jewelry especially pearls, woodworking, art, carpets. - Apr 2024

It’s India. Buy fabric, buy handicrafts, go nuts. Really great stuff all over. Get furniture, buy tailored clothing. It’s all much less expensive. Don’t forget to haggle. - Jan 2023

There are tons of handicrafts. Much comes from outside of Hyderabad. Look for bidri metalware. Also check out the handicraft stalls at Shilparamam. - Dec 2020

There are lots of things to buy if you have time to look for them. Pearls are weirdly local and dirt cheap. Bangles are popular at the Laad Bazaar by the Charminar. We bought several pieces of wood furniture which are stunning. Lots of people have clothes made, which takes a week or two when considering all of the alterations, but that's a fun and addicting pastime for foreign residents. We had a bunch of things framed - turned out amazing and was 1/4 the price to do the same or less quality in the US. All of the popular Indian clothing brands are available: Indian Terrain for men's clothes, FabIndia for great local dress for men and women, but you can get H&M and all those stores at any of the big malls. - Jul 2019

Yes, it's India! - Jan 2019

I'd say no. - Nov 2017

Antique furniture, carpets, tapestries, Kashmiri shawls, pashminas, wood carvings, colorful fabrics. - Sep 2016

Bidri-ware is the most common, and is local to the region. Very beautiful gifts. Also, textiles (quilts, scarves, bags, clothes) and dishes/china. - Mar 2015

There are plenty of nicknacks to buy. Saris and bangles are plentiful. People with larger stature won't be able to find clothes or shoes. It's easy enough to buy clothes through the Internet. - Jan 2015

Bidriware, textiles, art, and typical Indian gegaws. - Nov 2014

Bidriware, carved goods, haleem (if you like smashed meat stew with chunks of bone), cloth. The usual Indian trinketry. - Jul 2014

I spend most of my money on travel. Other than that, unique jewelry, handicrafts, cottons and textiles, colorful Indian clothing. - Mar 2012

Jewelry. Hyderabad is known for pearls. There are also bangles and silver and gold jewelry. - Feb 2012

Tons and tons of great decorative items from knick-knaks to rugs to linens and more. - Jan 2011

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