Hyderabad - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Sense of humor, open mind, adventurousness. Also sunhat, bug repellent, and sandals. - Apr 2024

Comfortable sandals. - Jan 2023

Wet wipes. And sense of adventure. There is a lot to explore and love. - Dec 2020

Paper goods and bug spray. - Jul 2020

Paper products: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins Costco essentials: love black olives or protein powder or bulk cereal or your favorite toothpaste or canned tomatoes or italian seasoning or tinned tuna or garibaldi pasta or anything else you can get there? Buy it before you come and put it in your HHE. You will thank yourself later. All-weather clothes: you'll still need pants and long-sleeves in public, and coats if you ever go up north (Nepal, border region), though it gets hot there too. Costumes: theme parties are impossible to shop for locally. - Jul 2019

Mosquito spray. - Jan 2019

HHE with your favorite liquids! - Nov 2017

Meds - Pepto Bismo, Tums, Nyquil - sunscreen, mosquito repellent. Strong VPN, gadgets to boost your router signal, DVDs, AppleTv, Ipods, UPS. - Sep 2016

Low expectations - honestly, it sounds bad, but it's not. India can be rough, but it can be a lot of fun and it's not that bad. Just, when you want to ask yourself "Why," ask "why not" and be surprised when they have something on the menu! - Mar 2015

Sense of humor, sense of adventure, open-mindedness, positive attitude, friendliness, favorite coffee. Jacket, sweaters and blankets. Northern India does get cold, so if you travel to New Delhi, you may need to dress warm. - Jan 2015

Patience, compassion, and sense of adventure. - Nov 2014

Sense of adventure, noise-cancelling headset and Pepto Bismol - Jul 2014

Bug spray, Sunscreen without whitening cream, booze, pet supplies, yoga clothes and mat, and laid-back personality. - Mar 2012

Sunblock and bug spray. - Feb 2012

Sunblock, bug spray, good shoes, and any hobby items that will keep you occupied during the hot season. - Jan 2011

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