Hyderabad - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

I found random friends mostly through my daughter’s preschool and within my gated community. There was also a wine club and small expat WhatsApp group. Put yourself out there and you will find people. - Jun 2024

The Community Liaison Office (CLO) arranges events and people form their own groups and do things. There's a wine dinner some people attend several times a year. - Apr 2024

There are several brew pubs which are popular and live music is returning after the pandemic, but we didn’t get much of a chance to explore it. - Jan 2023

The consulate had lots of great holiday parties for U.S. and Indian holidays. The Holi party was particularly fun. - Dec 2020

There is very little here. Housing is spread out and traffic is so difficult and time consuming that it's unusual to plan or attend events at each other's house. There is almost no expat community so there are no clubs or groups geared towards that. Hyderabad is very conservative, so there is extraordinarily little nightlife, let alone dating. - Jul 2020

Those that have kids and live in the Gachibowli area tend to have an easy way of socializing because of the number of events and size of the international schools. There's an elite social club that costs a lot, but they don't take non-traditional families (i.e. gay people or Muslim spouses), from what I understand. Meeting locals is complicated. Most Indians live at home until they get married, meaning they have responsibilities. There are often cultural barriers for men and women. Lots of people don't drink, though bars are becoming more common. - Jul 2019

There are a lot of great breweries here! And good restaurants. Nice malls. Big parks. - Jan 2019

Sunday brunches at the hotels, house parties, volunteering, charity events, etc. - Nov 2017

People sometimes host parties in their homes, or game nights, or go to happy hours, get together for brunches, or hang out at the Park Hyatt and the Westin. There are several decent movie theaters, which show U.S. movies for the first 2 weeks of the release. There are several malls if you are into shopping. There are 2-3 golf courses and one horseback riding club - which we never tried, it is too far away. Some get together to play soccer once a week. That's pretty much it. Most travel for real fun. - Sep 2016

Honestly, most people either hang out at the hotels (Park Hyatt, Westin) or entertain in their homes. Not a big club/bar scene in Hyderabad, though there are a few. There are some good restaurants open fairly late that have open-patios that are nice. Most people entertain at their homes, which is really nice and easy clean-up when you have a housekeeper! - Mar 2015

Many people have parties in their homes. Folks get together for brunch. There are several decent movie theaters, which show first-run U.S. movies. For about US$4.00, you can sit in a Lazy-Boy type chair in the back row. It's easy and cheap to travel around India for a long weekends. - Jan 2015

Hyderabad isn't known for its cultural highlights. Social life is rather limited in comparison to Delhi or Mumbai. Travel as much as you can and get a Netflix account. - Nov 2014

Although there are a handful of good local restaurants, there is no local bar or pub scene, per se. Weekend parties at homes. Social life is fairly limited, but it's as good as you make it. Consulate is relatively small, so it's a fishbowl. But we manage to have fun; the different cliques even manage to overlap sometimes. - Jul 2014

There are very few bars and clubs, and the ones that do exist are usually full of Indian men. Very few women go out. There are some nice restaurants for Indian and Western food. Most entertaining is done at home. The malls and movies theaters are the main entertainment here. - Mar 2012

Easy. Many expats have large apartments our houses for at-home entertaining. Even if you don't have a housekeeper or a cook, most restaurants will cater a meal for reasonable prices. Outside of the home, there are many bars and restaurants. There are also movie theaters and a bowling alley. - Feb 2012

Most is done at home. However, Indian companies love to have an expat at their events, so you often end up at their promotions. - Jan 2011

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