Hyderabad - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

There are at least a few Christian congregations. No synagogues. - Apr 2024

There seem to be Christian services available for different denominations. There are many Hindu temples and mosques, but I don’t know about the languages. There’s also a Sikh and even a Parsi community. I was not aware of a synagogue. - Jan 2023

Unsure. We did attend Urdu-language Muslim services and Telugu-language Hindu services while in town. Both were a lot of fun. There is also a huge and beautiful Anglican cathedral in Medak just outside of town. - Dec 2020

Christian services are available. - Jul 2019

Lacking beyond LDS. - Nov 2017

All types. Catholic, Christian, probably Hindu and Muslim as well, though those may be harder to find outside the local language. - Mar 2015

Christian churches are available. Mosques and Hindu temples abound. I don't know about any synagogues. - Jan 2015

For Christians, some Catholic and more protestant services are available. Plenty of both Sunni and Shia mosques and, of course, Hindu temples. Sorry Jews, you are out of luck. - Nov 2014

Catholic and maybe a handful of Protestant. Lots of mosques and Hindu temples. - Jul 2014

Few people have found religious services they are happy with. Christian and Mormon services are available but may not be what you are used to. No Jewish services that I know of. - Jan 2011

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