How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

English is allegedly spoken here, however I've found that only the elite have any real grasp of the language. Worse, frequently when attempting to communicate you will not have any indication whether somebody has understood you or not. Overall, you'll probably get around ok with just English, but it will be an exercise in frustration. - Jul 2020

English is usually sufficient. A little Telugu or Urdu will make you a friend with a taxi driver, but everyone has some level of understanding of English, while many people are fluent. The consulate offers periodic classes in Telugu, Urdu, and/or Hindi. - Jul 2019

English is fine. - Jan 2019

Technically none, but I find it difficult and frustrating to communicate. Talking about being lost in translation! Far too often we can't communicate with locals or we mis-communicate. Telugu or Hindi are not easy to pick up. - Sep 2016

Not really much of any - especially if your driver speaks English. Most things are in English and most places have English menus/speak English. - Mar 2015

I don't speak the local languages, Telugu or Hindi. I get along fine in English. - Jan 2015

None. Some Hindi and/or Telugu to be polite and amaze your audience but not necessary. - Nov 2014

None. Some telugu might help, but most people speak some level of English. - Jul 2014

None. Many expats get around fine with English. The only officers who speak local language were trained for their jobs. - Mar 2012

None. Many people speak English here and if they don't you can get buy with hand gestures. - Feb 2012

Little to none. Don't learn Hindi. They only speak Telugu in Hyderabad. - Jan 2011

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