Hyderabad - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

It would be difficult to get around the city. - Jun 2024

Yes. There aren't sidewalks, some places (most?) don't have elevators and when they do, they're tiny. The villas are all multi-story. - Apr 2024

Yes. At the high end, there are elevators and some ramps for access, but sidewalks don’t exist, roads are in poor condition, railings are often missing from stairs and other locations. That said, at least for older people with movement restrictions, assistance was often offered up to and including lifting wheelchairs upstairs. - Jan 2023

Yes. Sidewalks are virtually nonexistent. Entrances frequently feature stairs or other challenges. Traffic and crossing roads is very difficult. - Dec 2020

Yes. There are no accommodations made for those with physical difficulties in the city. - Jul 2020

Absolutely. There are no reliable sidewalks. Many streets and sidewalks are little more than gravel and rubble. - Jul 2019

Yes. - Jan 2019

It is not a good city for people with disabilities. There are no sidewalks in the city, no ramps; you can never walk anywhere without risking your life with local traffic; very sad. - Sep 2016

Hmmm...probably. Most places have elevators, but they are tiny. There are no sidewalks, and smaller restaurants/stores will not have a wheelchair ramp. - Mar 2015

In many places there aren't any sidewalks. In places that do have sidewalks, they're somewhat in disrepair. - Jan 2015

Very much so. Accessibility is not a priority. - Nov 2014

Tons. Even an able-bodied person has trouble walking here in the city. There are basically no sidewalks. And the places that have sidewalks are covered with unmentionables. - Jul 2014

There is no accommodation made for people with physical disabilities. Walking on the street is hard enough for people who are perfectly able. - Mar 2012

This city is not handicapped-accessible. Many buildings do have elevators, but you have to climb stairs to get into the buildings. - Feb 2012

There are no accommodations made (outside of the consulate) for people with disabilities, even in the newest and most modern buildings. - Jan 2011

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