Herzliya Pituach - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Our kids go to WBAIS and have had a good experience there. There are about 40-50 kids per grade level and it's a truly international school. There are not many other options, other than local Hebrew speaking schools. - Aug 2023

WBAIS is a 30 minute drive north of Herzliya. Most kids attend this school but a big homeschool community too. Great campus, outdoor spaces, safe community. We have liked the school but as with all schools, in my opinion, you have a few bad eggs. Communication is key and persistence. Great opportunities for field trips, Week Without Walls, extracurricular travel opportunities (if COVID isn’t an issue), after school sports/activities. Sports are available but not up to US competitiveness for some families. - Mar 2022

Few options. Post recommended school is WBAIS. Treehouse is hard to get into and located in Herzliya. French and British schools in Tel Aviv. - Sep 2021

Tabeetha (in Tel Aviv-Jaffa), Anita's Treehouse (in Herzliya Pituach) and Walworth Barbour American International School. Most kids attend WBAIS and most parents are happy with it. The school is small (about 600 kids from pre-K to 12th Grade) and located on a beautiful campus about 30 minutes north or Herzliya Pituach. As with almost any school, there are good and not so good teachers, good and not so good admin staff, good and not so good experiences. Our kids and all their friends like it a lot, but we have had parents from within the community pull their kids out as well. The school staff/admin is very proud of the campus, facilities, computer lab, after-school activities etc. and seems to emphasize that more than academics sometimes. - Aug 2013

WBAIS -- we have been very disappointed with this school. There is absolutely no discipline; students are allowed to say whatever they want, do whatever they want, act however they want. The school has many good policies on paper (dress code, foul language policy, PDA policy) but none of these policies are enforced. Every day our children are exposed to foul language, inappropriate clothing, and horrible behavior. - Apr 2006


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