Herzliya Pituach - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Good availability, plan to spend about double the cost in the U.S. and to shop around to different stores to find everything. - Aug 2023

Groceries are very expensive and quality can range from awful to boutique. The bigger stores in Pituach/Bet have lower quality meat and produce so you have to shop around. Plus they are dirty and unorganized. Many butcher stores with great, pricey meat. Small family stores have the best produce with prices that can be cheaper than big chain grocery stores. Organic is not as prevalent as European and other Middle Eastern countries. - Mar 2022

This is a highly debated topic here but overall I have found that we really don't lack much and can order from Amazon/Sam's Club/Costo, etc., what we need. Items will cost two to three times more than what they cost in the States. - Sep 2021

Almost everything is available but usually pricier than in the U.S. Expats here with the U.S. Government get the 18% tax back on groceries and household supplies except fruits and vegetables. - Aug 2013

You can get almost anything you need here, but everything is very expensive. (US$5 for a jar of peanut butter, US$7 for American shampoo, US$5-7 for Aunt Jemima syrup, etc.) - Apr 2006


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