Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Crime is supposed to be an issue but I honestly feel safer here than I did living in Washington, DC. There are instance of theft or robbery, but there was far worse violent crime in DC. - Aug 2022

There is some street crime because it is a city. I've heard there have been home break-ins in Carrasco, and security is being increased accordingly. - Nov 2021

YES. The crime in Montevideo was unexpected and didn't come up in any my previous research. Numerous embassy local and direct hire employees were victims of crimes...some of which were VERY violent. Some people were victims more than once. Many of these crimes happened in broad daylight. The criminal system is lax in Uruguay and there isn't anything to deter people from criminal activities. You can have a great time in Montevideo but you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. - Jul 2020

Air is very humid, so for asthmatic people, this is not good. - Apr 2019

Uruguay is becoming increasingly dangerous, with more store robberies, personal robberies, smash and grabs, and shootings. It's not the same safe, laid-back place it was 15-20 years ago when people would still leave their doors unlocked at night. - Aug 2018

Crime is a growing problem but the city is currently no different than any other major city in the United States in terms of crime. - Jun 2017

There has been a rise of petty theft and burglaries. Like any city, you need to be aware of your surroundings, don't flash your goods, and stay away from certain neighborhoods. However, within Latin America, Montevideo and Uruguay are among the safest places to be. - Aug 2016

Yes, Uruguay is a left leaning country. Crimes done by kids are usually not charged or they are released soon leading to an increase in purse grabs, smash and grabs from cars (usually a car with a single woman in it), some muggings, and drug related crimes. Uruguay has just recently made marijuana use legal. There are hopes that doing so will decrease the amount of crime. - Mar 2014

Yes -- this is perhaps the biggest concern here. Crime has been increasing under the current left-wing government, which is soft on criminals, especially minors (even murderers are quickly released if underage). The embassy has resorted to pulling some of the families out of crime-ridden Carrasco, where there have recently been many break-ins and even shoot-outs at embassy residences. Even in "safer" Pocitos/Punta Carretas, where most of the apartments are, there have still been many incidents, including hold-ups of embassy employees. Since the housing office invariably assigns apartments with inadequate parking (even small cars barely fit), count on your car either being damaged while parking or being trashed by the many thieves/vandals on the streets, who seem to target cars with diplomatic plates. - May 2013

We have had no security issues. There are issues with pickpockets or purse snatchers occasionally. I understand that there have been break-ins in the single family houses. - Mar 2012

Rated high for crime. Minors are not prosecuted and thus can commit any kind of crime, from petty to violent, without consequence. There have been some robberies in houses and purse muggings in nice areas, for example. You definitely have to be on guard at all times. - Jan 2009

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