Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

UAS in Carrasco is preK through 12. There are also French, German and British schools. Families with Spanish have also chosen parochial schools. - Nov 2021

This is the red flag for families! Bullying in elementary school seems common, at the point thatI heard a family left post early because of this issue. The school does not seem to follow the rules in elementary, and this has caused more issues. It is the American school, but with very few students from the US. I was not impressed with the academic level at all. High school and middle school are okay. - Apr 2019

For truly international schools, there's really only one: the Uruguayan American School. There is a large British School that is almost entirely Uruguayan students (and they tend to discourage foreigners at the admissions office!); there are French, German, and Italian schools and numerous bilingual schools, but these are also mostly local students and the curriculum is very Uruguayan. We had three children at the Uruguayan American School in both primary and secondary and we were very happy with both sections. Our kids loved the school and were happy to go there. It's small and everyone knows everyone, which can be a blessing and a curse, depending on how you see it. - Aug 2018

There are several international schools - Uruguayan American School, British School, New Zealand School, and the French School. I did not have kids attending but most people tend to use the Uruguayan American School. - Jun 2017

The American school is OK, but people with preschoolers complain that it is more expensive than Europe. - Oct 2016

There is an abundance of bilingual Spanish/English schools and several other international schools, including French, German, Italian, and even New Zealand. My children attend the American school, which has been wonderful. It's a small school, but the atmosphere is very welcoming, the staff is top-notch, and the facilities are very nice. (A new wing was just finished last month.) I only have great things to say about the American school, however, if you are looking for a highly competitive academic or sports environment, you will be disappointed. The British School here is enormous and more academically rigorous but it has a poor reputation among expats as it is hard for an outsider to feel accepted. - Aug 2016

The American School is located in Carrasco, so many families live there. - May 2013

There are American, British, French and German schools, as well as a variety of other private schools (including a Waldorf school). I have no experience with them. - Mar 2012

Uruguayan American School. Mostly Uruguayans attend. I have heard varying stories. Some people have sent their kids back to the States because they didn't feel it was adequate, but there are some that think it's ok. - Jan 2009

We had three children at UAS in Middle and High School. UAS has the highest level of English of any school in Montevideo and is the most open to newcomers and transients. The first year was a bit of an adjustment for our family especially for my academic 11th grader because itis such a small Post and school. However we all came to love the school and the atmosphere. The new director has made a tremendous effort to tighten academic standards and offer more advanced courses. Now there are a range of AP classes offered and usually only about 10 students per class! The admisnistration works hard to be flexible and design the right program for each child,My daughter was able to take several advanced classes online while being supervised during the school day. Uruguay has a very democratic, friendly and informal culture and UAS tends to reflect that. This is a school where every student can get into the course or activity they are interested in. The receptionist in the front hall oftenrecognizes the parent bringing the forgotten lunch box and might even know exatly where to find your child. Inevitably in such a small school everybody knows eveyone and hears about every problem or bit of bad behavior. So it might seem to inexperienced parents that the problems are greater in Montevideo and at UAS than elsewhere. Let me assure you, as the mother of 4, that this is not the case. Teenagers behave stupidly all around the world. In our experience there is less alcohol and drug abuse by the high schoolers at UAS than in other International schools in Latin America and Europe. We have many Uruguayan friends with children at the British School. It has the reputation as the old premier bilingulal school. It would not be an easy place to be a newcomer with limited Spanish. - Aug 2008


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