Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Trips to beach, countryside, wineries. Eating great beef, lamb, peaches... - Nov 2021

The wine tours were my favorite thing! I do miss my tannat :) - Jul 2020

Honestly, the best part is been close to Argentina, Brazil and Chile. - Apr 2019

Our favorite trips/experiences have been traveling in the countryside of Uruguay, to Salto del Penitente, or the beaches in Rocha. Montevideo provides a high quality of life on a daily basis; it's a cross between Western Europe and Latin America but it feels more like the former than the latter. For us, it was great to be in a walkable city, watching people pulling out lawn chairs at the boardwalk to see the sunset, and learning to slow down and appreciate friends and family. The people, food, and country in general are unpretentious and refreshing. - Aug 2018

The food is good and the overall tranquility of the city. - Jun 2017

Getting out from here, go to Argentina or Brazil, here it is too sleepy. But then you spend all your money, because there is not R&R. - Oct 2016

For me, the highlight of Uruguay is the people and the laid-back lifestyle they embrace. Locals are really warm and friendly and they really value family ties and long-term relationships (which is important in a country this small!) This isn't the most beautiful country I've been to, nor are the tourist opportunities very memorable, but for day to day living, it's a great place to be. My favorite trips have been to neighboring Argentina and Chile. - Aug 2016

Uruguay is a peaceful and laid-back country. There is a lot of history that can be searched out. But the neighboring countries get all the attention - Brazil and Argentina. - Mar 2014

Day trips to Colonia and Punta del Este. - May 2013

Wineries and beaches, travel to Argentina, Chile and Brazil. The asados (grilled meats, mostly beef) are great. - Mar 2012

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