Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Good quality of life. Focus on family time. Beach views and walking on the Rambla. - Nov 2021

Its the type of post/city where you know everybody, which could be an advantage if people get along great. I think it's convenient to travel to other places even if its not the cheapest. Buenos Aires is a ferry ride away. - Jul 2020

We love that it's one of the few capital cities in the world that are still small, relatively safe, with good air quality and low traffic congestion. Uruguayans all seem to be connected somehow - for example, either they went to school together, have cousins that are married, or were neighbors at some time. It's charming. - Aug 2018

Quiet and peaceful. - Jun 2017

None! Spending all your money. Again they put this place in the same condition as Europe, and no way! This is very third world, expensive and boring. - Oct 2016

The Rambla runs along the entire length of the city - 22 kilometers of uninterrupted, paved sidewalk along the water. It's great for getting exercise, people watching, drinking mate tea, and hanging out with friends. You can swim in the beaches in the middle of town. There is very little traffic or pollution compared to any other Latin American city. Life is predictable and easy-going; crime is only a small undercurrent, and beef and wine are delicious here. - Aug 2016

Very mild, slow paced (driving is another subject), beach loving, asado loving, friendly people, wine tours, stays on working ranches, trips to Buenos Aires, Punta del Este. Save money? You really have to watch it; this is an expensive place to live: gas prices are double that of prices in the States, most things are imported and a very high import tax is added. Cars are priced out of sight here. - Mar 2014

The Rambla in Montevideo is good for walking. Asado (South American BBQ) is popular. The weather is mild, similar to San Francisco's. Buenos Aires (B.A.) is just across the river. - May 2013

It is right on the water, with a wonderful "Rambla" walkway stretching miles that is great for jogging or biking. There are wonderful beaches and lovely wineries surrounding Montevideo. It is also a 45 minute flight or 3 hour ferry ride to Buenos Aires. - Mar 2012

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