Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Washington DC. At least 14 hours but usually 17-24 hrs. Not very well connected to the rest of LATAM or the US. - Aug 2022

Washington, DC. The pandemic reduced the frequency of flights on American Airlines through Miami. They are now only offered in Uruguay’s summer. Fastest route to DC is MVD to Panama on Copa and then Panama to DC. 14 hours and the MVD to Uruguay plane is nice. There are direct flights to Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Madrid. - Nov 2021

USA. The most direct route is AA to Miami. It is a very expensive flight and the plane is old with no amenities (no screens at your seat, car port chargers, terrible food and uncomfortable seats). The plane itself had frequent service and mechanical delays that lead to very unreliable service. The new AA plane has was "going to be brought into service in 6 months" my entire tour. In general travel into and out of Uruguay is expensive. - Jul 2020

The American Airlines flight to post always seems to be the oldest airplane. There is no entertainment, it's very uncomfortable, very noisy, and there always seem to be delays due to technical issues. The flight seems to run about 10 hours from Miami. - Apr 2019

United States. Currently the only direct flight from Montevideo to the U.S. is to Miami, which takes about 9 hours and is with American Airlines. There are other flights to the U.S. but this involves a connection through Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio, or Sao Paolo on Latam or other international carriers. - Aug 2018

Minnesota. 9 hours from Montevideo to Miami plus another 3 hours to Minnesota. - Jun 2017

This is a good reason not to live here. The only direct fly to the US is American Airlines To Miami, horrible! The worst airplanes I've ever been on in my life: no TVs, very old, narrow space and history of delays. To this you have to add that frequently the airport workers have strikes and don't work here in Montevideo. - Oct 2016

Our home country is the United States. There are several routes; the one direct flight to the U.S. lands in Miami, through American Airlines, but this is the worst option if you can avoid it - the airplanes are so old they still have ashtrays in the seats and no entertainment, and the flights are notoriously cancelled or delayed. My opinion of the best route (and I've tried many) is through Santiago, Chile. Any way you go, it's a long trip - Montevideo is situated right beside Buenos Aires, so a direct flight to Miami is around 9 hours or more. - Aug 2016

Arizona. 24 hours +/-. American Airlines to Miami, then routed to AZ. AA has one flight to and from daily. It is the only American flagged carrier here so choices are limited. Flight to and from is always full or over-sold, older aircrafts are being used, and the flight has a 'history' of delays leaving from Miami. You can go to Rio or Buenos Aires and get on United or Delta for flights somewhere other than Miami. - Mar 2014

D.C., a day-trip via Miami. - May 2013

Colorado, direct flight to Miami (9 hours), then Miami to Denver (4 hours). - Mar 2012

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