Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Lots of gym options and tons of opportunity to work out outside. The Rambla is the worlds longest sidewalk, all along beautiful beaches and it is 100% free. :) - Aug 2022

There is a gym at the embassy. Lots of people walk, run or exercise along the waterfront. There are many small gyms and exercise studios. - Nov 2021

Gyms are expensive and require some 'physical' from some government agency. There were a couple that a lot of expats went to but they expected 6 months prepayment up front. The gyms didn't open early enough for me (like before 8 or 9am) so I didn't join. People did do a lot of outdoor fitness...every day you will see people walking or jogging on the Rambla. If you aren't an outdoor jogger consider bringing your own equipment in your HHE. - Jul 2020

The gyms I'm familiar with are not very exciting or modern, except for the ulta-expensive Lawn Tennis Club in Carrasco. There are numerous other clubs around the city, some have indoor swimming pools and sports activities for the whole family; the prices seem reasonable. I've also seen small gyms just for exercise classes such as zumba or step. Many Uruguayans exercise outdoors: jogging on the rambla, playing soccer in empty fields, etc. - Aug 2018

There are many gyms around town, to include several CrossFit gyms. Prices range between $50-$100 USD per month depending on the facility. - Jun 2017

They have gyms, but they are expensive. We use the Marines' gym in the embassy, it is pretty good. There is a Pilates class as well. - Oct 2016

There are gyms here, mostly muscle-guy 'Rocky' types rather than modern and glamorous. Prices are higher than what you can find in the U.S. but not prohibitively bad. There are also athletic clubs that you can join - these are family oriented and offer a wide variety of sports activities and often have great pools and 'summer camps' for the kids. People here do exercise a lot, however, much of the exercise is team oriented and social - soccer teams, running clubs, even personal trainers in groups. The Rambla is full of people walking, jogging, biking. There are races almost every weekend. - Aug 2016

I am sure there are facilities, I don't use them and cannot speak about them. The Embassy has one in the basement. A walk on the Rambla is a very nice thing. - Mar 2014

The gym at the embassy is mediocre. Some of the apartments have gyms, and (somewhat-expensive) ones are also available commercially. - May 2013

There are a number of private gyms and sports clubs throughout the city. - Mar 2012

Limited equipment at post, some people attend a local gym for cheap. - Jan 2009

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