Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Montevideo is a slow a lot of the fun was the experiences you had with other people. I wouldn't say there are a lot of 'must see' destinations. People like to talk about Punta del Este and other beaches but to me they were regular beach towns. - Jul 2020

Going to Buenos Aires in Buque Bus is about 200 USD per person, but it's worth it. Take an airplane from BA to Iguazu, Bariloche and Mendoza; go to Rio! - Apr 2019

Montevideo has lots to offer but it's not easy to access information about what's available. The architecture of the old buildings is really charming; it's worth the time to take some walking tours and get to know the older neighborhoods. Learn how to grill meats the Uruguayan way, try to tango, and drink lots of local wine. The ballet, symphony and theatre are top notch and incredibly affordable; this was a wonderful treat in Montevideo. - Aug 2018

Running is very popular among Uruguayans. There are 5Ks almost every weekend and several marathons throughout the year in Montevideo and other cities. Most people spend their free time at the beach during the summer and parks during the fall and spring. Colonia and Punta del Este are about 3 hours to the east and west and can be good weekend trips. - Jun 2017

Nothing to do here, no kidding, walking in la ramble is what people do. - Oct 2016

Walking around the Ciudad Vieja (Old City), Pocitos, and along the Rambla are all great ways to spend a day. There are great antique shops and lots of hole-in-the-wall spots. There are numerous wineries to visit all within a couple hours' drive of the city. Most of what Montevideo has to offer is not going to pop out at you - the best tip is to get advice from locals about where to go and what to do. - Aug 2016

Explore, travel, wine tours, search out something new and different. Uruguay is a small country and you can do day drives everywhere. - Mar 2014

Trips to B.A., Colonia, or Punta del Este. - May 2013

The Rambla is great for walking/biking/jogging. There are beaches all through the city and better beaches all along the coast. In the interior you can go to "estancias" - like dude ranches" - to ride horses. Carnival season provides a month of special performances at open-air theaters. Golf at public courses is free on Mondays. If you're into bird watching, apparently it is a great country for that. - Mar 2012

Not much. Punta del Este is 1-2 hours away, but VERY expensive and not much to see other than the beach. And the sun is SO strong here because of the hole in the ozone that most find it uncomfortable to be outdoors for great lengths of time. Colonia, near Argentina, is nice but you can see it in 1 day. Otherwise, take the 3 hour boat to Buenos Aires as often as possible. - Jan 2009

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