Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Amazing medical care, great hospital. No concerns. - Aug 2022

Health care from British Hospital is very good but pricey. - Nov 2021

The quality of care at the British hospital is decent but expensive. - Jul 2020

Try to avoid the ER of the British hospital, is really, really expensive! - Apr 2019

Medical care is good for routine things; I'd go elsewhere for anything serious, though. Braces are cheaper than the U.S. No health concerns in particular. - Aug 2018

No major heath issues. There are several hospitals in the city that are Level I Trauma equivalent and capable of handling almost any case. Most westerners tend to use the British Hospital, which has English speaking doctors and nurses. - Jun 2017

Bad health care, in my experience. Don't come if you have a health problem. - Oct 2016

There are no particular health concerns and the quality of medical care is good for day to day things. If I were to have major surgery, I would chose Buenos Aires or Santiago over Montevideo, though. - Aug 2016

No, not really. Some of the usual stuff; hay fever, colds, flu and the like. Very good medical care at many clinics or hospitals. - Mar 2014

Everyone here goes to the British Hospital. The somewhat-cheaper Fertilab can be used for lab work. - May 2013

No major health concerns, no vaccines needed. Water is safe to drink from the tap, no real food safety issues. Good medical care is available at the British Hospital, and there are a variety of English speaking doctors and dentists. - Mar 2012

Skin cancer is a real concern not to mention premature aging due to the sun. It's not uncommon to see women look 10+ older with leathery faces. But you can get plastic surgery cheap, and many do here. Personally I'd think twice before going under the knife here. It's not horrible but some have reported doctors cutting corners on routine check ups. - Jan 2009

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