Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

I personally telework for a US-based company. Given the timezone and connectivity it is easy to find remote options and work from home. - Aug 2022

There are many unfilled family member positions at the US embassy because a growing number of spouses are teleworking for US firms. - Nov 2021

There are a number of EFM jobs at the embassy. Montevideo is a small post so i don't remember it being super competitive if someone wanted a job there. Do not expect to get a decent paying job on the economy- many expats who don't work for the embassy bring their job or income (remote) with them. Work visas for expats isn't very straight forward and isn't cheap to obtain. - Jul 2020

I've seen EFMs job in the embassy. - Apr 2019

Local salaries are very low compared to the U.S. and Spanish fluency is really necessary. Most expat spouses/partners either work at the embassy or find a way to telecommute somehow. - Aug 2018

There are very few positions for EFMs in the embassy. - Oct 2016

There are job opportunities, both part and full-time at the embassy and at the international schools. Local salaries are much, much lower than in the U.S. even though the cost of living is higher. I'm not sure how people manage on local salaries only here. - Aug 2016

No. Unless you bring something with you - telecommute, work for an international company, speak Spanish like a local. Then, there is the usual work permit issues, as is everywhere. - Mar 2014

No, the local job market is poor due to government over-regulation. - May 2013

I don't know that there is a lot on the local economy, though there may be some opportunities to teach or to find a job in ZonAmerica or with one of the American companies (at lower wages than in the U.S.) Most spouses who want to work find jobs at the Embassy. - Mar 2012

No. - Jan 2009

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