Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

I don't think it is huge, but its a nice friendly community. Morale seems high. Everyone feels lucky to be here as it is such a great post. - Aug 2022

There is a decent number of expats. They tend to be either embassy employees, teachers at the American school, or retired expats. Montevideo is a slow paced city and most people seem ok with that. - Jul 2020

The expat community isn't terribly large and morale seems to be medium. Many people complain about how expensive everything is, how far away Uruguay seems from the rest of the world, and how 'bored' they are sometimes. It depends on what you're looking for; Uruguay is not the most 'exciting' culture, but if you want a place to spend lots of time with your family, relax, and enjoy a back-to-basics lifestyle, you'll enjoy it. It's a great place to learn to slow down and appreciate the non-material things in life. - Aug 2018

A few of them. - Oct 2016

There is a medium size expat community here. I think overall morale is very high. Most everyone agrees that although Montevideo can be boring, the quality of life here is pretty awesome. There is a general feeling of contentment that you sense from locals, too. If you are able to do some shopping outside of Uruguay (, Buenos Aires, etc.), and get out a bit to see more of the neighborhood, this is a great place to spend a few years. - Aug 2016

Fair sized and morale seems to be good. There are a lot of worse places to be posted. Generally, everyone is pretty happy. But, having said that, there is always someone who is just not going to be happy about anything. - Mar 2014

Mid-sized. - May 2013

Relatively small. - Mar 2012

SMALL! No real socializing among diplomats. - Jan 2009

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