Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Yes, safe and affordable. - Aug 2022

Yes, local buses and Uber and taxi are safe and fairly-priced. - Nov 2021

When i was at post we were allowed to take buses and ubers. There are a number of apps to help with the bus routes and schedules and I took the bus to work most days for less than one USD. Ubers were EXPENSIVE...the drivers would band together to control surge pricing. Taxes also were expensive if you didn't order from a reputable number. I did use Uber a lot because driving and parking was so inconvenient. - Jul 2020

There is no metro, train or tram service but local buses and taxis are safe and affordable. Uber now works well, too. - Aug 2018

Public transportation is safe and reliable, both bus and taxi. Buses are the cheapest form of public transportation at about $1 USD to get you anywhere in the city. Uber is also new to the country and becoming much more popular because it is significantly cheaper than taxi service. - Jun 2017

Yes, but expensive. Some people use Uber. - Oct 2016

Some people warn that buses can be dangerous, and taxis are a bit on the expensive side, but overall I think both are fine. Uber opened up here recently; taxi unions had a fit, but things are settling down and now Uber is more accepted and works well. - Aug 2016

Yes and yes. There is a very limited train service but buses go everywhere in the country and are affordable. Taxis are small and cramped (added security stuff). There is only one taxi company that will bring you into town from the airport and is a bit expensive. Going to the airport, you can take a bus or taxi. - Mar 2014

Buses are safe and inexpensive. Taxis are expensive (especially from the airport) and are unreliable. If it's raining, they are sometimes impossible to get. - May 2013

Buses and taxis are safe and affordable. If you want to go into the interior of the country or up the coast to the beaches it is better to have your own car. - Mar 2012

Taxis seem to be ok. I wouldn't take a city bus. I've heard decent things about long haul buses to Punta or Colonia though. - Jan 2009


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