Montevideo - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Cost of groceries is high for LATAM especially in the major grocery stores. Expect to pay DC prices for most things. Beef is abundant and very affordable. Selection is great and there is a surprisingly good selection of foreign foods. The exception is dairy products. It's very limited imported cheeses and the local cheeses just don't compare. Also no Greek yogurt to be found anywhere. People complain about quality of TP, paper towels, and trash bags. Ferias are abundant and you can find tons of amazing produce for much better prices. There is an amazing organic feria where you can get dairy product and produce for great prices. Also lots of options for grocery delivery to your home and very reasonable prices. - Aug 2022

Local produce and meat are excellent and fairly-priced. Imported items are expensive and highly-taxed. Overall prices are similar to DC. - Nov 2021

Groceries in Montevideo are EXPENSIVE. I ordered a lot of things non-perishable items and all my cleaning supplies from Amazon including toilet tissue. If you found food you liked in the store sometimes it would disappear for months. There were more affordable fruits and veggies at local markets. - Jul 2020

Everything seems to be expensive here, and we do not get VAT back. - Apr 2019

Groceries and household supplies are generally more expensive in Montevideo than in the U.S. Food-wise, there are now more options for spices and ethnic or trendy foods (kale, for example), but you might have to shop around or be creative and find substitutes. Household supplies are mostly very low quality for a high price - this has been one of the downsides of Uruguay for us. Best to come prepared for this reality. - Aug 2018

Local equivalents of most everything needed could be found, with the exception of peanut butter and maple syrup. Local grocery stores are very similar to those in the United States, just a bit smaller. Prices were generally higher than in the United States for most things with the exception of meat and produce. Boxed foods generally ran 2-3 times more and ice cream was around $5 USD per quart. - Jun 2017

This is an expensive place, and we don't have a cost of living allowance (COLA). Everything is more expensive than in the States. - Oct 2016

Everything is more expensive here than in the United States - even local produce! - Aug 2016

Not bad choices, there are a few big chain stores that have everything you need. Or there is a little store on just about every corner. Every store delivers. You will find there are farmer's markets all over the city on different days. Some are just farmer's markets and some have arts/crafts, household needs, clothes, etc. Cost on everything is high and the cost of living allowance doesn't make up the difference. - Mar 2014

Groceries are around 50% more than in the D.C. area. The COLA is not high enough for the cost of living, so you will need to buy many things by mail order. The local product selection is mediocre, also. - May 2013

Grocery stores are fairly modern and well supplied, but they don't carry many American products, and when they do they are quite expensive. There is not a huge selection of pre-packaged or "convenience" foods, but you'll be able to buy the basics. There are tons of places to buy homemade pasta. - Mar 2012

Expensive, given the 22% tax on everthing which diplomats are not excluded from. - Jan 2009

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