Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

I think Uruguayans are helpful and kind and would be willing to lend a hand to anyone with physical disabilities if they can; living downtown would be difficult but not impossible. - Aug 2018

Commuting on the street may be difficult for someone in a wheelchair as most of the sidewalks are not handicapped accessible. - Jun 2017

It wouldn't be the hardest city to get around in with physical disabilities but it's not up to U.S. standards. - Aug 2016

Yes, yes, yes. None of the public transportation is equipped to assist - taxi or bus. Some of the newer buildings might have some work done to assist. The older buildings, none to little. Sidewalks are terrible - if there are sidewalks. The Rambla and the newer areas are the exception. - Mar 2014

Many, since the infrastructure (sidewalks, etc.) is poorly maintained. There is also a lot of dog excrement on the sidewalks. - May 2013

Sidewalks are often broken up, poorly maintaned. Many older buildings don't have elevators. - Mar 2012

Difficult. The city is not well kept. Sidewalks are very poor. - Jan 2009

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